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The view at Olivaia Ranch… OLA 2019!

OLA friends,

In our second year out we have established that 2018 with our two Golds and a ‘Best of Show' was not just a ‘Cinderella’ year.  Take a look at the view for 2019, four Golds and 8 Silvers. Our original Lindsay trees have made history and we have bottled it for all to enjoy.  We are proud of our Olivaia’s OLA ‘history in a bottle’ and  are grateful for all the support. 

Our oil is currently at the Fancy Food Show in New York and soon we will be on the road at the Fairs that have recognized our EVOO with a Gold award.  We will keep you posted.

Click HERE to shop our Block X Blend and Estate Sevillano Extra Virgin Olive Oil. OLA!


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