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Olivaia's OLA Recent Media Coverage

The continued success of our EVOOs at competitions and with local consumers has brought Olivaia’s OLA wonderful opportunities to share our story. In 2023 in particular, there were at least three reviews with different perspectives that encompassed, a local, a State, and a national level perspective; locally Sonia Mehrmand with an interview style podcast, CA Grown at the State level with a blog and a You Tube video, and an article by Thomas Sechehaye of  the Olive Oil Times nationally.


Spend a little time with all three reviews to learn about the challenges and triumphs faced by Olivaia’s OLA and Olivaia Olives, as Giulio and Rachelle share their unique approach to olive farming (both for themselves and for the California Ripe Olive industry), table olive de-bittering, and efforts in creating exquisite EVOOs. Discover the rich history of Tulare County's agricultural roots and the potential for olives to shape a sustainable future in the face of water scarcity.

Learn about how their focus goes beyond farming and how they are committed to education, to the culinary delights that come with their efforts, and the associated health attributes. They want to reach out directly to consumers to impress on them the value of having a potential connection to a local grower or producer, who can explain why the higher cost of a great EVOO and/or table olive are justifiable, and unfortunately required to be able to deliver a quality, healthy product that brings delight. They are committed to producing food that sustains folks nutritionally and holistically, and are equally committed to being good stewards of the environment.


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