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OLIVAIA OLIVES, Bar + Kitchen (2 Jars)

OLIVAIA OLIVES, Bar + Kitchen (2 Jars)

SKU: 10231503

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Release: Late January 2024


DR WT 260g (9.2 fl. oz.), per jar


Tasting Notes:

High Umami

Medium Bitterness

Mild Saltiness

Green Olive


Firm bite and great flavor persistence.

Low salinity brine perfect for a dirty martini.

Keep refrigerated.


    Cold fermented de-bittered olives with a low salinity brine from an old world recipe that goes back to the introduction of Kalamata olives to what is today Italy, and in particular Gaeta. These Gaeta style olives are hand harvested original California estate grown olives from our BLOCK X. BLOCK X has over ten varieties, some rare ones and some original California ones like Manzanillo, Mission, and Sevillano. The varying blend of olives are carefully selected for ripeness and variety for a specific sensory profile. Their umami, bitter, and green olive notes make them a perfect addition at the bar or kitchen or simply enjoyed naked on their own or seasoned to your liking.


    Look out for forthcoming Olivaia Olives recipes.


    OLA - you can now enjoy 'history in a jar'!

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