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Olio Nuovo - Pre-Order for 2024 (500ml bottle)

Olio Nuovo - Pre-Order for 2024 (500ml bottle)

SKU: 1022ON

Release: October/November 2024


500ml (16.9 fl.oz.)

2.2 lb. bottle weight


    From tree to bottle, olives are hand harvested, washed, milled, and oil immediately bottled to capture the ultra fresh, fruit forward, herbaceous and grassy green notes. Olio Nuovo means “new oil” and it is the freshest possible example of olive oil. Our Olio Nuovo is made with our estate grown Sevillano olives from our BLOCK X. Olio nuovo’s shelf life is roughly six months and as a such it is only sold on a limited basis & on the most part on a pre-order basis so that we produce just enough for those interested in this seasonal delicacy. 

    Given that Olio Nuovo is not filtered it should be consumed within months of bottling.  It is a seasonal pleasure meant to be enjoyed with the excitement of the harvest. OLA - enjoy our history in a bottle!

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