Block X Heirloom Limited Batch (500ml tin coming soon)

Block X Heirloom Limited Batch (500ml tin coming soon)


500ml (16.9 fl. oz.)

0.7 lbs. tin weight


Tasting Notes:

Green Almond





Medium robustness and astringency.



    COOC Certified, small batch, Extra Virgin Olive Oil made with hand harvested original California estate grown olives from our BLOCK X.  BLOCK X has over ten varieties, some rare ones and some original California ones like Manzanillo, Mission, and Sevillano. The  varying blend of olives are carefully selected for ripeness and variety for a  specific sensory profile. This unique extra virgin olive oil is made of 100% our own 'heirloom' olives and is as unique as  the olives it is made from.

    This small batch series is a limited release. The extraordinary fuit forward nature of thi