O   R   I   G   I   N   A   L               L   I   N   D   S   A   Y               A   R   T   I   S   A   N   A   L

          2021 BEST OF THE VALLEY - San Joaquin Valley Olive Oil Competition
          2022 BEST OF CLASS - Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition
          2022 BEST OF CALIFORNIA - California State Fair Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition
          2022 BEST OF SHOW - Central Coast Olive Oil Competition 
          2022 GOOD FOOD AWARD - Good Food Foundation

Olivaia is a small batch producer of estate extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and a grower of the historic ‘California Ripe Olive’ in the Lindsay area, formerly known as the ‘olive capital of the world’. Olivaia started in 2012 with the purchase of a mature olive grove with many neglected trees over 100 years old, today known as Block X because of its unique heirloom cultivars.  Using their golden history as our groundwork, we immediately began rehabilitating our trees, trees that would have otherwise headed towards mulch for more lucrative crops like citrus or almonds. Inspired by history, both trees and locale, we not only re-established ties with the table olive sector but in 2017 embarked on an oil mission to put 'history in a bottle'. After all, the orchard has been the home to many of California’s original olives. Whether it is our old friends, our trees, the history in the air, or our artisanal approach, our ‘Original Lindsay Artisanal’ (OLA) EVOO has been introduced to the State with immediate accolades, Gold at the California State Fair, & Best of Show at the Fresno Fair. Since then, OIivaia’s OLA EVOOs have continued to distinguish themselves in competitions, at fairs, and most importantly in kitchens, where our EVOO's  fruit forward attributes make them ideal healthy flavor enhancers that pair uniquely with your favorite food.



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Hi, I am a cofounder of Olivaia’s OLA, educated & trained in architecture, father to 2 amazing girls, and Rachelle’s husband.  Through design, I learned to appreciate history, science, & our environment.  Our olives on the other hand have taught me that success demands the active engagement of all three. I oversee all growing related activities and ensure that our trees are thriving, and giving back with their history and fruit.  Through my love of the olive from the family’s history in olives, or the help of more recent teachings, I have learned to forage our grove for just the right blend olives for our award winning California EVOO. I am actively engaged with the table olive & EVOO industry in California as a Board member of the COC and as a Taste Panelist for the COOC.


Hi, I am a cofounder of Olivaia's OLA, PhD trained dietitian, mother to 2 amazing girls, and Giulio's wife. We craft an award winning, California EVOO that represents many of the things that I am passionate about - food, health, science, cooking and family. I have spent my career trying to help people live healthier lives by conducting research and publishing scientific articles on how what we eat affects our health. Now I actually grow a food that is healthful and that directly helps people to understand that eating well and eating healthy is the same thing. I am actively engaged in the EVOO industry in California as a Board member of the COOC.


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